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10:00 AM

While talking with a friend I mused as to why Black Wall Street had never been replicated, and when he spoke of his intentions to do so it only led to more questions about approach and methodology. One could argue many reasons as to why we never saw the resurgence of this ethnically-concentrated financial district, but one roadblock I found in my research was the lack of information available. (Though I read somewhere that John Legend and Tika Sumpter have teamed up to make a movie on the legendary district)

My knowledge quest on the history of Black Wall Street reminded me a bit of the research spiral I went through after returning from the CBCF ALC (read more about my experience here). From Correspondent Banking, to the Community Reinvestment Act, to the United Nations Capital Development Fund, I was made aware of so many organizations, programs, and policies that have been put into place to aid the low and moderately incomed across the globe. Yet, many of us don't know about them.

Though this is not my call to action to galvanize some economic movement, or new BWS blueprint, I am hoping that just by knowing these institutions exist others will be encouraged to their own research, to take some interest in global economics, and possibly start a conversation that might change someone's world. I am also hoping this will catch the eye of those much more well versed in these global economic matters than I to engage me in an awesome learning opportunity.

With that said, I am turning this into a series of some sort; welcome to the introductory post! I promise you lots of links and me trying to make sense of it all (if I can, no promises). What I cannot promise you is some eloquent prose regarding the economic state of the impoverished and how we may remedy their condition through these institutions. Maybe one day, but not today. For now just enjoy some new information with me.

Check back here as this will be our "Home Base" and will be updated with links to the forthcoming posts in this series as they are made available.

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