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Welcome to No Fear, Just DIVA. D-I-V-A stands for Devastatingly Innovative Via Apparel.

I started this blog because I want a real and serious career in the Fashion Industry and I am finally taking the steps to achieve that. This blog will chart my journey and give me something to look back on when I am one discouraged, two where I want to be in my career. So what pray tell do you want to do in the Industry? That my dear Watson is the question. So this is what I have been looking into:

  1. Product Development/Brand Management
  2. International Expansion
  3. Fashion Journalism
  4. Product Placement, movies and stuff like that
I don't really know if this will help someone else but I hope it does. I hope that in the long run this proves to be a real Road Map to finding your, my, our Fashion Freeway.

Fashion Freeway:

There are so many sayings about roads (Road Less Traveled, Road to Success) but I don't like roads. I like the idea of a freeway because, when there is no traffic, it's a bit more freeing, it's also direct in my opinion. You get on at Point A and get off at Point B, even if you change lanes, ride connectors, or remain on the interstate. Okay I know that all sounds a bit, something idk like I am trying to relate it all to a Freeway but in a way it is. Even if you did all these you are still on the freeway, and you remain there until you reach your destination. I like the idea.

Anywhoo I hope you find what you are looking for as I do the same. I hope that as this blog grows you grow with it. I know I am growing already. One Step Forward and just Glance Back, No Fear, Just DIVA!

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