3 Down 1 To Go

9:53 PM

Hellooo Travelers! I am two weeks away from completing my Third out of 4 quarters and that means I am three months away from graduation and just that much closer to my Point B!

I have to admit that this journey is far from over and I am more confused as to one specific Point B. The options are endless, at least I think they are....

I have a meeting with my career advisor on Friday to talk about my options. I would also like to start looking for a formal internship for my last quarter with the intent to hire.

I do still think that I am leaning towards corporate Merchandising. I always put the "corporate" in front so people understand that it is not the same as Visual Merchandising such as for a store.

**Update -- June 23, 2009***

I am currently interviewing and looking at different opportunities to build my career through an internship. I do believe that I have found an opportunity that will also allow for a part time job as I need to start saving for life after college. I will keep you updated...

Happy Travels

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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