Being in Global Black Spaces

9:21 PM

Art Sellers - Montego Bay, Jamaica
 When I opened up my blog to check the date of my last post I see that it was six months ago. I was super shocked, I couldn't figure out what could have kept me from my blog for so long? Life mostly, it went something like this:
  • November '16 - January '17- I'd started a new job in November of last year, and was still in the orientation stage through the holiday season so I had more time on my hands. 
  • February - March- I had a birthday trip to Southern Africa 
  • April - June- Lack of work/life balance and paralysis of writing about my trip to Africa 
  • July- Took a trip to Jamaica for a family reunion 
And now here we are...

As I write this I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I have been blessed to visit global predominantly-Black spaces twice this year. It makes me hungry for more, makes me want to dive deeper into their worlds and to hear in detail their stories, but the responsibilities of telling their stories and doing so accurately, respectfully, it makes me admire story tellers like Ava DuVernay that much more. Documentarians (did I make up a word?), all those who can bring life to the people that we would have never otherwise known existed. And telling my story feels a bit narcissistic, but being in those spaces changes the way that I move in predominantly-Black spaces here in the US. I'm not exactly sure what my objective is, but I know that it has something to do with generational wealth and giving a voice.

 That brings me back to my blog. Exploring the policies, history, and little known or seemingly unrelated happenings that affect Black people globally, those things that could change the way that we move within our spaces domestically and abroad is what this blog is now about. Instead of starting a new one and having the archived fashion posts be hidden, I'll just continue to let it evolve here. When there is enough consistency in this space I will go ahead and make those decisions.

Men Playing Checkers - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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