It's My Birthday!!!!

11:37 AM

My bestfriend says that her year doesn't start on January 1st but on her birthday. From there she works to build a better her for that year. Today I too shall start "My Year" this way and one notable change will be this blog right here. So here are some of the upgrades I would like to make this year on my blog:

  • A new Photo section titled Billboards
  • A Personal Branding Series
  • More comprehensive posts about my journey
  • Share more relevant articles
  • Do a lot (A LOT) better with this Freeway theme
  • Post at least 2ce a week
  • More Road Map Interviews
Let's see how this goes....I must get better with consistency! But for now...Birthday!!!!

Happy (New Year/Birthday) Travels!

**PS: When I get back this will be a great time to do a Mile Marker post of last year..

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"


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