Fabulostiy: What it is and How I Got to INTERN for it!

7:19 AM

For anyone that knows me they know exactly where I am going with this title. By the grace of God - because I refuse to believe it was anything else- my Fashion Freeway led me to the position of Baby Phat Footwear Intern! Guess who is updating her resume today!

The story of how it all happened will come later in another post. I really want to highlight some lessons learned during this 6 hour experience. For each hour there is a new lesson learned:

First Hour

Know what you want and WRITE IT DOWN!
-Before I ever stepped foot in California or even thought of applying to FIDM I knew that I wanted to work for Kimora Lee Simmons and Baby Phat in some form and on more than one occasion I wrote it down and talked about it to the point that my friends could probably recite my dreams and drive by heart.

Second Hour

Build bridges and be mindful of who you surround yourself with.
-I have to honor my friend and fellow classmate who made this possible by thinking of me on a day she just happened to be going to the showrooms (more on that later).

Third Hour

Don't be shy! If you want something the only one that can get it for you is YOU!
-I remember the first day of class when my friend said that she used to work for the Phat Farm show rooms and I blurted out "What I'm the BIGGEST Kimora Lee Simmons fan ever!" everyone laughed at that but she took my passion seriously, and to her I am grateful.
-Once I met my now current employers I was not afraid to let them know my passion for the brand and it's CEO. I was also very clear about my long-term goals and where I would like to take my career.

Fourth Hour

Pay attention to the way you dress - you never know when you might be invited to the launching of the Baby Phat showroom!
-My story will have funny anecdotes about this experience but always try to dress your best. An outfit that will go from day to evening even if you are just going to class is always best. I have only been in school for a little under three weeks and have been in front of, or around cameras almost each week. (just last week they were shooting Prison Break at the park on campus and looking for extras)

Fifth Hour

Learn peoples names and what they do. Just ask....it works.
-People love to talk about themselves and what they do. Also I have found that there are people who are just as clueless, if not more so, as you. I was actually at the launching of the Baby Phat showroom where people didn't even know who Kimora Lee Simmons was!

Final Hour

Keep an open mind and learn how to FILL IN THE CRACKS!
-My loyal readers know how I feel about filling in the cracks in your Freeway when school or your job, or whatever else you may use as your road map doesn't teach/give you exactly what you are looking for. My supervisor was very clear about what he does and how it does not directly relate with my long-term goals, but what he doesn't know is my ability to fill in the cracks. Would I have taken this job if I didn't think that I could learn from this experience and build my career off a company for whom I deem the highest respect? Shoot for Baby Phat and Kimora Lee Simmons I can find a lesson out of gum scraping!

Ask me what I do and insert the obligatory smile and nod. I officially start next week so I will keep you updated on my lessons learned. And stay tuned to the full story of how this all happened.

For those who don't know me I have gotten comments like "Wow you are lucky!" or "What dumb luck!" So please take note:
This is not dumb luck I have wanted this for a long time!

When you want something bad enough line yourself up and the events and people in your life to make it happen! Read the "Lessons of the Hour" and go for it! You know the motto:

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back! No Fear, Just DIVA"
*Please understand this is in no means my Point B and I am still traveling along my Freeway, but this is just letting me know that I am going in the right direction.

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