Clacker Confessions: Confession 1

9:30 AM

She sat up late on her couch raiding for trends of ratty sweaters that consumers pay thousands of dollars for just to look like their cat took it out back and has it's way with it. "I'm pretty sure that my first knitting project looked like this," she thinks to herself, "I could sell it and pay my rent for months...but I really should be buying a house soon." She eyerolls at this forlorn thought. On her assistant's salary she is happy that rent and utilities are paid with her mini paycheck that just barley sports a comma. Her boss is in NY for an extra week due to Hurricane Sandy, she feels guilty for this pleasure. She loves her job, she love her boss...sometimes, but she doesn't love her life, not right now anyway.

Hitting a ceiling can certainly happen in our industry, feeling over or underwhelmed happens often in the industry that requires consistent creativity. Many people don't see what we see, there is more to us....In an effort to quiet her inner thoughts she picks up her cell, she goes to scroll through Instagram, but finds herself fascinated by a LinkdIn article on the power of play. She can't remember the last time she "played" had she forgotten how?

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