Watch Your Mouth!

2:27 PM

Today's post is all about watching your mouth at work. I was going to do this in two separate posts but I think that it works well in one.

One day the office manager asks me "Mei-Li, is this your first real office job?" Before I could allow myself to get offended I had to think, and it was. Well I mean, I was a leasing consultant for a year but to be honest the interaction with my boss there is nothing like the interactions with my boss/woman I want to be like when my fashion career grows up.

I told her it was (after going through practically all my previous jobs) and she sent me an article that she thought would be of help to me as she has said it has been help to her throughout her career. I want to share it with you:

I could have easily caught an attitude and missed a growth opportunity, but since the answer to her question was in the affirmative, it had merit. Sometimes when we are in a position of open vulnerability(ie the ending of my probationary period) we have a tendency to act as if every comment that is not open praise is an attack on you/your character or performance. This can blur the lines between genuine help and unsolicited criticism.

So if you are like me and love your job and are turning it into a career, read this fun article about taking criticism gracefully. It's a good read and fun to read with a British accent. But reading between the lines the writer makes a good point throughout the entire post: Your boss cares about RESULTS so fire the middle man named BS and take heed to what they are saying to you. Excuse, Blame, and Dissertations are all ways to kill office report (sp?) and is a sign of immaturity. Don't be this girl:

Yeah we all know Stephanie from Kell on Earth and her fate.

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!" [source1] [source2]

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