Road Map: Fly-Design &Me

7:22 AM

Designer and creator of Fly (link on the side) Andrea Pippins and I recently corresponded about her three part series "Design & Me" documenting her Freeway from high school to where she is in her career now in art and design.

The series has been receiving "tremendous feedback and [she] is excited about sharing more" There is so much inspiration in her story and her blog is a design major's dream. Get to know her readers she has a lot of great information and insight to the business.

I wrote this post a while ago(July 31 2008) and don't remember why I didn't post it, but my post on Coroflot made me remember it and Andrea had a great story about her first portfolio that I think you should read. Maybe she will read this post and make a comment???

Happy Travels!

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