Millie Grant: An Underrated Sheroe Part 1

6:07 PM

Happy Monday Travelers!

Midterms are over and I am breathing like a regular person again (I got a B on my Econ midterm btw - I get the B-Law midterm back tomorrow...wish me luck), so a new blog post is well overdue!

Today I am dedicating this post to my new favorite lady on TV, Millie Grant of ABC's Scandal. If you don't watch this show you are missing some great TV. For more about the show read HERE. Though I love love love me some (main character) Olivia Pope to fictional Michelle Obama levels, there is something about Millie Grant, the often villainized wife of the President, who is arguably the true political genius of the show, that I really admire. Often times her tactics seem self-seeking, and counterproductive to saving her marriage, but I actually think that there is something to be learned from Mrs. Fitzgerald Grant. There are books on how men love bitches, or nice girls don't get the corner office, none of which I have read, but there is something to be said about a "bitch" with foresight.

I once tweeted that Millie is "the right amount of the WRONG kind of crazy" and I fully meant that. Though I don't agree with certain tactics like faking a miscarriage, watching her repeatedly asking for her voice, and heart, to be heard, and making decisions that end up getting her exactly that brought some interesting thoughts to me regarding how women handle business.

I am still in the learning phase but I have found that women are damned if they do damned if they don't in the areas of being nice, aggressive, showing or not showing emotion of any kind in the business arena. So in the public Millie appears to be young America's mom, and the quintessential wife but behind closed doors she is the Hurricane Sandy to the President's east coast. And I think that there are few lessons to be learned from her character, but not necessarily her character....

To Be Continued..

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