Accelerators v B-School?

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This morning an article came across my timeline from the New York Times about Accelerators being more benefitial in lesson and network for students than B-School*. I have to be honest today was the first time I had ever even heard of accelerators, fully, and still don't get how this would benefit me more than my MBA program.

Still there is no easy way to make major decisions about your career's future, and this article is not even about which I think is best. I'm not a tech girl, I am a fashion girl with no tech attached, I am still learning about all of this, so accelerators for my career specifically is not a necessity. But if your freeway rides along the path of the 0101101 then it may be something to look into.

While doing research for my professor I came across this site the Forte Foundation that gives great information for women who are deciding on going back for their MBA, there is even a blog/forum where site visitors can engage in conversation to help them make that step and prepare their families if necessary for this big schedule change.

No matter what your choice is, it is your choice, and if you have already made it, it is totally okay to reexamine if you feel it is not meeting your needs. For me, my MBA is and I have only taken two classes, I don't see the benefit of an accelerator for me personally, but I am glad that I am well informed about them.

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*WJS Cross reference

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