Marie Clare on Executive Presence

10:30 AM

Happy Wednesday Travelers!

I hope your Christmases were awesome! I am spending it with my mother and as we speak, she and I should be on our way to Disneyland for the first time for both of us. (I am pre-writing this post so I will have to come back to confirm this)

Now, we all know that since I am in B-School I am obsessed with fashion and business (well, I have been more than normal anyway), and I have come across the article that was written on fashion magazine Marie Claire's Executive Presence panel they had a few months ago. You can read on it: Here. I have only read through it once so I will need to go back over some of the advice again, but I really do think that this is great for young women who are looking to get into the business world, not necessarily fashion but still if you have executive suite dreams then this is a good place to start taking notes on bad habits to chuck, styling tips, and success stories to start you off on the right foot!

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!!
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