Happy New Year and....No Promises

10:30 AM

Happy New Year 2016!

If you can tell there has been a bit of a makeover here on the blog. First, I changed the name. No longer "No Fear, Just DIVA" now FirstThree, Inc. to streamline the brand. Second, the layout. It's not exactly where I want it to be, but it will get there in time. My goal is to take this from such a specifically focused space to a more of a lifestyle/all encompassing site. This will happen over time and I ask that you all bear with me. From improving my writing technique, to content and consistency, and finding this site's (my) voice this will be a process. So no promises!! I am learning about time management, and not piling too much on my plate, so who knows where this thing will take me, but I am hoping that you all will be patient, and stick with me while I try to figure it out.

Your support means more than you know!! Happy New Year, and here is to a new year with new goals and new growth opportunities!


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