Filling in the Cracks - Use Google

12:45 AM

In this technology age we have access to information about any subject at any time of the day. How many times have we answered a question with "Google/Wiki it."? Not knowing is just not enough in this current economy and job market. Everyone needs a job, break, opportunity, and refund check. What makes you different? Knowledge about everything that relates to your Freeway.

For example one of my favorite blogs The Fashion Bomb features a great section Breaking into Fashion. It's one of my favorite sections on the blog; read my interview with the creator here. In the most recent post the interviewee made a comment that having a great outfit is not enough to get you to make it in the business and went on dropping names that I am not familiar with so what did I do? Googled them duh! I don't know these people but what I do know is that someone who is currently at my potential Point B feels them important enough to say that knowledge of these people and their works can get you on the short list to employment. She also stated that having well rounded industry knowledge can have a great impact on career building. Go to the site and read the whole interview, but the point I am making for this post is this:

-Don't embarrassed if you don't know, just ask. They never lied when they said close mouths don't get fed, it's the same with your mind.
-Have enough PASSION about your Freeway and reaching your Point B to do some research on your own. TAKE INITIATIVE!
-Kill the excuses. You are the only one responsible for your success or failure, so let's make it the former.

Let me give you some examples of things that I totally had to look up:
  1. Flagship Stores - definition
  2. Fashion Group International
  3. Rag and Bones clothing
Now some of my loyal readers are already in the industry so the above is second language to them and some of you still don't know what I'm talking about. That's okay, I didn't know. but it's not just about terms and people, it's organizations too. Are you wondering if there is a Footwear Designers of America organization or Jewelry Assembler's Union? Look it up. How will you know if you don't check? Fill in those crack yourself or just don't be mad at the person that did and is whizzing past you on their Freeway to your Point B.

Happy Travels and get to Filling those Cracks!

*photo ctsy of flikr

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