Driving School: Branding - Brand Equity and Association

8:33 PM

For the past two weeks in my Marketing and Brand Development class we have been focusing on Building a Brand. For our midterm on Friday we have to apply the following concepts to real life situations:

Brand Equity
- Everything associated with the brand that
ADDS or SUBTRACTS from the value it provides to a product or service

Brand Associations
-Anything a consumer associates with a
brand in his or her mind

So for study purposes I feel this post is great practice for my mid term and an A in this class. So let's begin with the brands I chose:

and this:

Right......now let's talk about the ads above and how they relate to the terms.

Brand Equity-

For both right now I think that these images SUBTRACT from the brands greatly with the whole idea of our society being too oversexed introducing mature clothing and faux high heels to young girls and infants may present the wrong message to consumers.

Brand Associations-

I can tell by the Dereon Girls advertisement there was supposed to be a sense of "playing dress up" but I think the marketers missed the boat when they gave the little girl heels that actually fit her feet! I think that to list what these images would be associated with in the consumer's mind would be a bit harsh, so I will leave that to your imagination.

So what do you think? How can these brands ADD to their Equity and create positive associations? I am going to think about that and get back to you after midterms. I just wanted to get a conversation going.

Happy Travels!

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