Brand Battle: No Fear, Just DIVA vs FirstThree Inc.

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At every major event we see celebrities standing in front of giant backdrops of sponsors, pr firms, and event hosts. They are called Media Walls, and for our Benefit Fashion Show there will be one.

Talk about pressure!!!! So with this of course LadyLace Marketing, my friends company, will be on the wall. But....What about me???

In a past Logos post I talked about creating two logos on for this blog No Fear, Just DIVA, and then for the idea of a parent company First Three Inc. Also the name of my email address, Twitter Page, and this blog's url.

I want to have something created, that will later be trademarked, to go on the wall to represent me and my work. I'm a bit torn however because whatever I choose I want it to follow me along my career. I am excited to build a company and later an empire, which will be represented by the logo that I choose.

After taking my Brand Development class learning the importance of a brand that accurately represents your company, is easy to remember, and appealing to a mass audience I have been over thinking everything that I thought I knew and love about both the above names. And so the battle begins:

No Fear, Just DIVA vs FirstThree Inc.
No Fear, Just DIVA, as many of my long time travelers know, started as a mantra I say to myself in the times that I was/am afraid and nervous. At its birth "DIVA" was an acronym for Devastatingly Innovative Via Apparel. The "A" was later changed to Affirmation - all about telling myself I can do it. This change was also only noted in my head

The logo that I created through represents everything that I personally believe No Fear, Just DIVA to be.

The Stiletto- ultimate style item
The PDA- business
The Luggage- packing it all up and going for it
The Road – Fashion Freeway hello!!!!
The City in the distance – the desired destination – Point B

I love it but I also recognize it’s a lot. McDonald's just has one “M”. Baby Phat one cat. Another problem with this logo is that I have other people’s products on here. Not Okay.

When it comes to FirstThree Inc I like it as a business name a lot better because I think it’s John Smith friendly. I’m sure many of you out there know exactly what I mean by that. While discussing this with a friend of mine she made the point that not all business have John Smith friendly names (ie FUBU). This made me feel a little better. I also think that FirstThree Inc is a better name for a parent company, as I plan to expand my goods and services in the future. I think that “No Fear, Just DIVA, a FirstThree Inc company” has a nice ring to it. But I have been playing with “______, a division of No Fear, Just DIVA”

Effective brand names have usually one or two words, sometimes three, and they are usually shortened to one or to initials (Victoria’s Secret/Vickys). What happens when you initial No Fear, Just DIVA? NFJD. Right. Knocks the sexy right out your walk. This is not what I want to come to mind when mentioning my fashion business. This is another reason when writing why I never abbreviate my blog’s name. If you shorten it to No Fear, that’s an extreme sports brand I think or something hardcore. Just DIVA is cute though and Google searches have brought about nothing but my blog! Kinda like calling someone by their last name.

These a are all my thoughts Travelers and as I inch closer towards my Point B, the destination takes more shape. In the end I think No Fear, Just DIVA won and I will put FirstThree Inc on the back burner for a while. Just because I am not using it now does not mean that I will never use it in the future. Besides I think on a Media Wall "No Fear, Just DIVA" will catch more eyes. I'll keep you posted!

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

(photos from ConcreteLoop)

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