Gettin Money, "DIVA"s Gettin Money

12:44 AM

(source) Now if this pic doesn't motivate you to get your money up nothing will! Travelers I don't know about you but I am ready for this economy to do something other than fall faster than a JC Penny stock and get better so that in 6 months when I graduate I can find a job! But until then I have started taking a financial class to better manage and save the money that I do have.

Travelers being a broke DIVA is one thing but to be fiscally irresponsible is another matter altogether!

Currently the 6 week course is using the "Total Money Makeover Workbook" by David Ramsey. It has only been the first class so I don't have much to report, however updates will be necessary. I am a strong believer that good financial habits can change your life and getting a handle on them at any age is commendable; getting a handle on your financial habits in your twenties puts you ahead of the curve. There are many choices out there that will personally work for you, and you specifically. Once you find it discipline yourself and get to work!

Another source that I follow (but still have yet to actually read) is Suze Orman, financial expert who has been featured on Oprah and her site sooooooo many times. For more options check out this selection of Personal Finance books at Barnes and Noble, and find the book/system that is right for you.

Any fellow Tweets out there???? Well then you must follow EcommerceDiva. She has a wonderful site, calls in some fellow financial experts to discuss a wide variety of relevant and easy to understand financial advise.

Note: for all you emerging Fashionproneurs out there, EcommerceDiva is a necessity when it comes to small business advice. You know I am all about filling in the cracks and that is what her site will do for you. Hit the Road with this one Travelers!

"If you will live like one else NOW...LATER you can live like no one else" -David Ramsey

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