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One thing that I am so fortunate to experience is to have been an intern my entire duration at FIDM, and with my most recent internship I felt more fortunate than ever. Just posted some "secret truths" that I have learned through working/interning in the fashion industry, a good number of which I experienced through this internship.

Through an amazing and surreal Twitter experience I was able to land an interview with Thrive, an LA based design house that has clothed celebrities such as Kelly Rowland (Kelly Rowland in Thrive via Posh Glam). I loved my internship! What can I tell you it is the entire Product Development major in action! From sketching to sourcing I did it all there and I could not have been happier or more appreciative of this opportunity.

If you follow me in Twitter then on Thursdays and Fridays you may have seen my twitpics throughout the day of my tasks and errands. However if you are new to my blog then here is a description of my normal day was like:

9:30a – Check with Head of PD for any unfinished duties earlier in the week. Overview today’s schedule

9:45a – Make phone calls for pick up of fabric samples

10:00 – 1:00p – Pick up fabric, trims, patterns, samples (depending on where we are in the production cycle)

1p-2p – Lunch!

2p – Until end of day: Wrapping up loose ends, going back to pattern makers, creating boards for buyers, meetings

I really liked running errands for my internship because I am exposed to so many locations that a normal student would not be allowed (unless they have their own wholesale license). One of my favorite places is Kagan Trim Center. Talk about the epicenter. Travelers I wish I could have taken a picture inside of all the trims from floor to ceiling in there, but it’s against the rules. But here is a pic of the outside.

My time at Thrive is now over as I start my career and I am much better equipped for what I have learned there. Thank you Thrive!

So tell me travelers about your internship experiences. Are they wonderful? Horrific? Leave a Diva Stamp and lets discuss!

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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