2010 Shopping Challenge

5:17 PM

2010 Shopping Challenge
2010 Shopping Challenge by Lucky Anaiya on Polyvore.com

After spending a full year here in Los Angeles and living in this fashion world I have found that there is some great shopping out there to be had that are not in large chain retailers. From Sample Sales, to Downtown Fashion Walk, to Melrose Boutiques, there are some great treasures hidden in these places for a quarter of the price we pay for other mass marketed pieces.

So for the year 2010 I am going to extend the challenge to SHOP AT NON-CHAIN SHOPS AND STORES. The ONLY exception will be events such as Zac Posen’s Target debut – I mean lets be real if there is a rare diffusion line available I say take advantage of it!!

What do you think Travelers? I say let’s try it! I will blog about my finds and I encourage you to leave a Diva Stamp and share your finds!

Happy Travels!

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