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2010 Shopping Challenge

2010 Shopping Challenge by Lucky Anaiya on

Happy New Year Travelers!

Since I’m doing this shopping challenge I decided to do a post on the LA Fashion District. I took some time to walk around just to see what exactly this 90 block garment and textile heaven had to offer.

If I found a store interesting I decided to grab a business card and I will give the addresses to those places in a new section of the blog – probably at one of the tabs at the top.

There is so much to see there and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed so I am hoping that this map (which you should be able to enlarge), and these few shopping suggestions will help you navigate through the district successfully.

Note: I have yet to actually buy from these stores but when I do I will blog my purchases. That is a promise!

The plan is to start a new section of the blog with store directory for LA Fashion District, Melrose, Sunset, and then Other

There are certain places where I will not be posting such as the Santee Alley where I think that all tourists and residents alike must go, all Piers, and 3rd St Promenade (though I know of no boutiques per se there is a great Kitson outlet during business hours on the weekdays).

For the new directory click here: LA Fashion District

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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