Passing the Baton: When Leaders Move On

5:08 PM

Just one day after I post the WSJ video with Russell Simmons and him speaking on how teamwork and delegation contributed to the growth of his empire, I read this article talking about how some of the top names in Fashion are now 70+ and have yet to even mention a successor. I don’t mess with politics here on No Fear, Just DIVA but it just really reminds me of McCain for some reason… Anywhoo, the truth stated in the article is that no one lives forever, at one point a designer must succumb to the inevitable and another must take their place to continue the brand. But is the fear that no successor can give the house the immortality that cannot be achieved by the designer himself or is it just a matter of control and not wanting to let go?

I am still learning much about the business of fashion but I think that with anything a good leader knows when to let go and pass the baton to their subordinates. When properly trained an employee/apprentice/intern should be able to successfully promote to a higher position and maintain the core values of the company.

Just once I tweeted “I’d rather them assume I know nothing and teach me everything than think I know everything and teach me nothing” When accepting my position my boss made it very clear that they were looking for someone teachable which let me know right away I was walking into a trusting environment that is about growth and promotion.

What are your thoughts and experiences Travelers? Review past post about the Secret Truths of the Fashion Industry. There is a “truth” in there about the insecurities of co-workers and employees that are used to hold each other down. I will do a separate post about that soon, but I think it may tie in pretty nicely with this theme. On that note Bravo! to employers and business persons like Russell Simmons who is more than ready and willing to pass on the baton to his readily trained subordinates.

I know I sure can’t wait until my boss says to me “Stick!” (track term for those of you not familiar)

Happy Travels! [source]

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