The Glossy vs The Gritty Business of Fashion

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Over the past few years I have noticed that more brands, networks, and publications have been providing more programs, shows, and panels/workshops on the business of fashion. It appears that as the fashion industry becomes more accessible to people they are not just interested in the glossy surface of fashion but the gritty business that makes it run.

I am actually pretty pleased to see this new interest as I have seen many a student come into FIDM thinking that all they need to do is dress great, smoke a ciggy, and have a jaded attitude with a camera and you're straight up fashion. That is so not true and every quarter there are tears and drop outs for the unprepared. But for those who understand that this will take so much more work than knowing the difference between Marc Jacobs and Marc Ecko, school plus the invaluable information provided by the various media outlets, can prove to be the foundation of a great and successful career in the industry.

Online zine Fashionista just recently had a panel discussion with select leaders in the industry about what it takes to build and maintain their retail businesses. Here is the article. I am interested to watch the live stream they will provide next year as I as not too impressed with the recording of the minutes of this meeting I feel there might have been some vital information and quotes that were left out of the notes or summarized which could minimize the points the panelist where trying to make.

One of my favorite sites The Business of Fashion as a great series on FashionStake and a detailed look on building their company. This is for the hardcore business minded but the terminology is priceless for being successful on the other side of the runway. Let me know what you think!

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