.....And I'm Back

8:14 AM

Well Hello there Travelers!

Yes yes yes I am back. I know I know the pic of Jay-Z's Black Album I found to be appropriate as this was the worst "This is my last post." Experience ever LOL! So let me be honest about my "retirement" from this blog, and take you through the steps of what lead to my return:

  1. I started a new blog Confessions of a Modern Day Clacker. If you follow me on Twitter (@FirstThreeInc), then you will notice that when I tweet about my work I include the hashtag #ConfesssionsofaModernDayClacker. I really thought that this would replace NFJD, but in all honesty they express two different aspects of the industry. This blog is to show the opportunities out there for going for your career, where as Clacker is my personal experience out there with what I have learned from DIVA. Using the tools of DIVA I have been able to create Clacker. Does that make sense?
  2. I am just really not consistent with blogging. I have yet to figure out how to balance life and this blog. I added WordPress for BlackBerry to my phone which makes it easier for me to maintain Clacker, but blogger has yet to have a similar component. (Let me be honest I am not even consistent with Clacker even though I have the tools) So the posts may not be updated on a consistent basis, which can affect my readers and reader count I know, but I promise the content will be worth it.
  3. Being a perfectionist. I don't even know how that is possible b/c nothing is perfect, but I have been letting that hold me back from actually posting. Well that will be happening no longer!!
So keep a look out Travelers as your Fashion Freeway will be fueled and up and running in no time!

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA"

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