Names, Brands, and Labels Part 1

7:40 AM

Happy Good Day Travelers,

I don't know when this blog became my own personal musings but I refuse to stifle where this is going so I am just going to let it flow and see how this space evolves in the area of my Fashion Freeway and how I travel on it. I do know that this post is just a form of Part 2 of my previous musings about names and how that affects one's brand.

This morning I was getting ready to journal but I chose to blog these thoughts instead. It's no secret that I am a Christian and so in my morning devotions two separate resources just happen to be on the topic of being a woman, what it means to be feminine, the beauty of our emotions, our necessity in society and the home, and how we have embraced or rejected those roles. This got me thinking about all the areas in which I am involved in female development (this is not the phrase I want to use at all, I may come back and change this).

Now I know that this topic can get all kinds of out of hand so I will not be releasing a full post until I am fully confident that my thoughts are organized. This is not at all a post about what it means to be a woman, I am so about having one's own definition, and maybe I just want to express my musings on how I look at it and what roles I play in developing as a woman. There are some thoughts and ideas that work for me, but maybe not for others, and that is helping me to develop my adult self, which in the long-run shapes and maps my Fashion Freeway.

Until that time feel free to watch this new single by Lupe Fiasco "Bad Bitch" I really like the message in this song, but you know Lupe (or you might enjoy), he always has a differing opinion that the majority hip hop artists.

No tagline today as this post is TBC......

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