If I Don't Who Will - Because they Don't Pay Me to Look Cute

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Yesterday in my Mary Kay unit meeting we were charged to write out 50 Reasons of Why You Must Make This Work to the soundtrack of Nicki Minaj's Fly and Wiz Kalifah (sp?) Work Hard Play Hard. It was so much fun! Women were scrambling to get out of their own way and finish their lists in the allotted time; it's crazy what you find in your heart and the reasons that motivate you when you get out of your own way and just write. I know I sure was, I was ready to start crying at some of the things that were pouring out of my heart onto the paper.

So I ask you Travelers, what is your "This"? I have my reasons for starting my Mary Kay business as a second source of income, which I think I have shared, but if not I will write a post on that too, while financing my Fashion Freeway, but it's more than that, Oprah didn't become an award winning journalist to just be a talk show host, but to touch and change lives, she didn't take the straight line to success she fed her soul by building a school on South Africa...that is a WHOLE 'nother post!! But saying all of that to say whatever fuels your freeway, whatever puts gas in your tank and pushes you forward that is your "This." My "This" is my Mary Kay Business.

Once our "This" was identified and we wrote our 50, we were then challenged with reading it multiple times a day, I have chosen 3xs a day, for 90 days and see what manifests. Hard work must accompany this as well.

-Okay case and point I am currently talking with my co-worker who is telling me about her European friends who travel all around the world during June-August just because it looks like a good day and we can only afford to do so every other year. I am NOT moving into my 30s with that limitation. That will NOT be my struggle.

Here is my list*, check it out, comment, this is what keeps me accountable. Expect a post on this progress in 90 days, I am planning to do a 30 and 60 day update as well.

50 Reasons Why Mei-Li (you) Must Make Her Mary Kay Business (this) Work
  1. I must re-retire my mother
  2. Because I don't care about cars, so I am not trying to pay for one
  3. I love traveling and not paying for it
  4. Because there are women whose lives have yet to be saved
  5. Because I can't expect my boss (or any boss for that matter) to know my value (and pay me accordingly)
  6. My tithes build His Kingdom -- Increase the 10th!
  7. Because should spend their grocery money on designer clothing (you don't know my struggle)
  8. I represent what it means to not walk a straight path to success 
  9. Today right now I am building a testimony that is saving a young girl's life
  10. Because Africa needs to see black faces supporting them
  11. Because my life is not my own (I give myself away -- amazing song and testament to service)
  12. Because sex trafficking still exists 
  13. Because I was created for a time such as this (read Esther and let ya life be blessed)
  14. It is up to ME to be an example of Ephesians 3:20
  15. My great-grandchildren deserve a legacy
  16. My success creates opportunities for more minority children to travel abroad
  17. If I don't save Cleveland who will?
  18. Because I can single-handedly rebuild my childhood neighborhood
  19. Because my childhood home can be purchased
  20. One successful non-profit can prevent one teenage suicide
  21. Because I have a great-niece who has a chance to know and experience more 
  22. Because my goddaughter is deserving of more 
  23. Because I can have an amazing closet
  24. Because I want my own jet
  25. I don't want to choose between conference (AKA struggle- if you are in any international organization that has multiple conferences a year you will understand my plight)
  26. NSF are just not cute
  27. I want a heavy passport
  28. I want a condo in Paris and Thailand
  29. I set my alarm clock, not my job
  30. Student loans are not meant to exist
  31. I want options --- STOCK options 
  32. Louboutin
  33. Balmain
  34. Pay for my wedding at Terranea Resort and Spa (Google that)
  35. Elie Saab couture wedding dress paid for
  36. I want to travel to EVERY fashion week - and now I can 
  37. My children wont know student debt
  38. There are conferences I have yet to speak at 
  39. Oprah has yet to interview me
  40. I will be a teacher in the fashion industry because I want to 
  41. Because I don't want to be restricted to one zip code
  42. Everything in MY name  --- but given in His name 
  43. I want to get to the place where my credit score doesn't matter
  44. Cash is liquid and I can pay for everything with that
  45. Featured on Street style blogs
  46. Because I am enough right now and I need other women to now that about themselves
  47. Because my book series has yet to be written (keeping the name to myself!)
  48. Because my dreams deserve their resurrection day
  49. Because I deserve to be as random as I please
  50. Because it's time I believe in me and am getting out of my own way! 
*=remember this was timed so this order was as it popped into my head not in order of importance

Happy Travels and I can't wait to hear your lists!!

One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA! 

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