Grey's, Growing ,and Galvanizing Greatness

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Let's just dig in...

I have said it before and I will say it again, Shonda Rhimes holds my emotions in the palm of her hands with her shows Scandal and Grey's Anatomy on ABC, and it is yesterday's episode of Grey's "Beautiful Doom" that has inspired this post. I will not give details of the episode for those who have not seen it, however there are some amazing words of mentorship and encouragement that Dr Thomas (who we still call Mr Feeny) gave to Christina Yang (which I hope will be her comeback b/c I need some of that in my life) that resonates so strong with me. I won't post the entire speech but here is just a tidbit:

"Mediocre surgeons will see you and fell themselves wilting in your shadow; do not shrink to console them. Do not look for friends here, you wont find them. None of these people to have the capacity to understand you, they never will..."

Such powerful writing.

One reason why I personally love this show is for the growth of the characters. We have seen them go from interns all the way to attendings and to see the new career struggles (like Dr Bailey giving Meredith her babysitter list) have to be tackled. That is so true for us, but maybe we miss it. Being a research assitant for a professor who dedicates so much of her career to mentoring I have a greater appreciation for the above words of encouragement. For seasons now I feel like there has been a small pebble in the shoe of Christina's career and so now I am hoping that this episode will reignite the force that is Dr Yang. We all need something to galvanize our greatness as we move forward to building our careers.

I was speaking with my coworker as well as one of my sorority sisters (separately) about my current life and they both interrupted me and said "and you're bored" lol!! I am though..I wasn't expecting that but I am. I am bored, I am also single and accountable to only myself. I think that there was a community I was searching for, endorsement from an unknown source, and validation from fictional superiors, but I can't "look for friends here." My "here" is a different path, even I am still trying to figure it out which is why I blog.

So as I prepare to conclude my evening I encourage you to not shrink to console those that are wilting in your shadow, to not look for friends, but to find your greatness, be a teacher to those you see greatness in, and allow yourself to be taught by those that see greatness in you.

Night Travelers...

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