Choosing Your Career When You Know the Whole Truth

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Happy Monday Travelers!

As I procrastinate doing research on my economics paper on Foreign Direct Investment and Corruption, I create this blog post on choosing your career when you know the whole truth (or as much as Google and Forbes Women will tell you...).

Recently I came across (read it was on my twitter timeline) a mini-series about the industry of consulting and if it is right for you. Each post in the series tackles a different aspect of the consulting interview as well as what one can expect to gain from their careers concerning consulting. Here is the link to the mini-series: READ.

I appreciated this post because of the insight it gave from an actual consultant, it is no secret that I want to be a managerial consultant to emerging fashion brands and boost them through the different stages of their growth. Though this was really targeted at those that are hoping to be employed by proper consulting firms, hence the interview tips, I realized that I still will need to know all of the possible scenarios, if not more, in order to properly cater to my clients.

What about you? How much insider research have you done on your industry. My blog is geared toward those that are pursuing a career in fashion, no matter the path, but that doesn't mean that this can apply to all careers in all industries. My point is, don't be caught off guard if you don't have to be. Being diverse in your knowledge of the factors that affect your industry and build your career are essential to anyone's success.

Read on folks!

Happy Travels!

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