Quarterlife Crisis

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Why is it that one recognizes a mid life crisis by the purchase of an unnecessarily expensive car, but one recognizes a quarter-life crisis by the purchase of water marked resume paper? What is it about the mid twenties that starts a sort of panic about what to do with our lives?

Too many sites, articles, researches and blogs have analyzed and over analyzed our generation and that is not what I am here to do. Gone are the days portrayed by Kirsten Dunts and Julia Stiles in Mona Lisa Smile. We are no longer going to college in sole search of a mate just to gain an MRS before a BA (I truly apologize to my male readers- just skip past this paragraph there is some universal stuff coming I promise). Our worlds are constantly changing and having a promised career after graduation is not the reality for some of us hence the additional degrees of any form. This is especially for my readers who like myself are not going back to school to get a Master's degree but possibly to learn, or perfect a trade or getting a degree such as an Associates. It's okay. My family totally went into shock when I told them I applied to FIDM. "So what are you going to do with your Business Degree?" That is the #1 question on their minds as if I can't use the two. So I explain it like this....."Well...if I went to school for pre-med you would expect me to go to medical school and then become a doctor, but what kind of doctor would I be? This fashion degree makes my business degree more specific." Good enough for some, not enough for others.

What my loved ones don't seem to understand is that there is still a small sense of panic that goes on like "WHAT AM I DOING?" I should have something that remotely looks like a career, and then I look at all these late teens early twenty somethings that have these great and blossoming careers...you know the ones that are like "ever since I was three I knew...." Well I didn't and I changed a few lanes before I ended up on this Freeway. But that doesn't count me out and I have found that I am not the only one...so if you are in your mid to late twenties and are having that "I should have been at this (fill in the blank) Mile Marker by now" moment then check these sites out and know that you are not alone!

This site is great. If you are not familiar with this show it follows 6-8 girls and guys in their mid twenties during their day to day. Really general I know, but their site is a phenomenon. When you first go to the site there is a tutorial so that you can use it properly and connect with more ql's of certain professions or interests. There are some really talented members on the forums with great advice and just like us they are just trying to make it and are willing to put their selves out there hoping to make the right connection. Go make a friend!
Sponsored by the new Dodge Journey, 5 real life friends take a road trip and talk about where they are in their lives now and where they would like to see their Point B. It's great to get a male perspective on some of the issues such as marriage, career, and family. I totally think that Dodge clipped my idea in a round about way, but....I'll let it slide if they keep the program coming. There is absolutely NO promotion for this mini reality series so stay posted to the blog and I promise to keep you updated. I'm totally addicted to this because the very last clip they talk about their journeys and you know I am all about other's stories as to how they got to where they are and where they want to go. It is everything that I want this blog to be about.
*Side note: This program is turning into a best kept secret so this is what you do to find it - click on On blast Specials/Originals the drag Journey to 30 to the center.

I am honestly no where near where I want to be in my career and it's good to know that my situation isn't unique. If your Point A is a little farther from your Point B than you thought it would be then think of this way....the longer the journey the more interesting the course, with some rocking traveling music.

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA"

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