Road Trip! Fashion Bomb Meet and Greet in LA

7:12 PM

As many of you know I am in South Korea right now teaching English to middle school students, (today is the last day of school!) so there are many things going on in the States that I am missing that I would love to attend. Prime example:

To all my fabulous readers please go out and support Claire. I am a big fan of hers and I think that what she has done for brining the best and the tressed in Urban Fashion is amazing and inspiring. And if you can't attend but know a few good fashionistas in the LA area drop them a line about this event, and this blog! I am sure it will be fun. Click here to read about her Meet and Greet in NYC.

Break out the Evian , drop the top, and crank up the Traveling Music! Also dont forget to take pictures. Since I can't attend I will be living vicariously through you all! Happy Travels

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