12:39 PM

Now that I am meeting new people and passing out paper cut outs that I would love to call business cards a need for a legitimate logo is all I can think about. I am still on the search for a graphic design student with the time to put the designs in my head into a reality but until that time there is always Polyvore. So here are two logos that I have been working out...tell me what you think. Nothing final just starters:

No Fear, Just DIVA 1 by Lucky Anaiya

That will be for this blog of course which I will try to put up at the top, maybe some time this weekend.

And then we have:

FTI by Lucky Anaiya

Which I am thinking of for a company logo overall. In building an empire I am trying to figure out exactly what I am building when I know so will you.

Off to class! Happy Travels and let me know what you think. Many of your are business owners so you know and understand the importance of a proper logo for your brand. I trust you!

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