Traffic Jam, Mile Markers, AndSpeakingof.....

3:01 PM

You all know what this means. So much do to and now it's time to prioritize. I am taking about a week or so off to finish my sketching midterm project and study for Textile Science midterm #2. I have some great ideas for posts that I would like to do but right now I have got to get this week under control!

But in the meantime here is what has been going on with me.......

  • My tuition has been lowered from 12,000 to 7,500!
  • I am still looking for a second job to cover my monthly payments
  • I went to an AWESOME Stylists event held by the Fashion Group International LA, for which I plan on becoming a student member, and passed out some great information
  • I was offered an RA position which will take care of housing for a min of 1 Qtr
  • I am getting some business cards that I hope will better advertise this blog
Lastly, but very exciting I am the new contributing writer for an amazing blog for young fashionistas! I have to credit Toby Bloomberg of Bloomberg Marketing/Diva Marketing for introducing me to Luckie Daniels who is the head of the site as well as, check them out.

For my new readers I did a great interview with Toby here. (

Okay now I need to run and get to sketching. When I get back I plan on having some great stories to tell you and some revelations I recently experienced. Have a great and productive weekend and week, I know I plan too! Happy Travels!

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