Perfecting My Craft

9:49 AM

I know right! I am reading another book! But what can I say? The eternal book worm, I need to read something for enhancement all times and I ran across this book in the library Wednesday. Perfect timing!

Most of you know that besides this blog I write for AndSpeakingOfPink and Style-ology Magazine; both have a very different target audience and require very different writing styles. Then we have NFJD - me along my Freeway. Only here is a ramble acceptable. Or is it? Just recently my Chief made a good point to her writers that our writing must be "exceptional" not just good: we the writers represent her the business so I had to turn it to language I understand. BRANDING!

We are the face of her brand and the quality of our writing affects her Brand Equity. Our current target audience is known for short attention spans and no second chances so a positive Brand Association is important. LOL I am trying to relate it to my classes. If I am totally off base please feel free to correct me. This is the only way I will learn.

Anywhoo, saying all that to say I understand the sentiment and that has been something that I have thought about with my blog too. This blog is the face of MY brand. This brands essence is my essence. Fearless, Fashionable, Vision. Kimora Lee Simmons says "I am turning my brand into a lifestyle" and that is what I want, so what is it that I can do as a blogger to make sure that this blog reflects that while still being the outlet I need along my Freeway?

My main goal for creating this blog was to chart my journey while helping others discover theirs and hear the stories of those who made it to their Point B. I also wanted to add in any cool articles that I come across along the way. Lastly I wanted this to be a place to go to look for jobs and internships in the industry. Sometimes its tiring to go to so many different sites at one time so I wanted my blog to also bee the one stop shop for posted jobs and internships. Am I providing that? Kinda....Not to the standards I would like honestly.

So I'm working on being that .06% and weeding out the noise post by post. I am excited to see where this blog takes me...thank you for coming along my journey and I can't wait to hear about yours!

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