The Best Kind of Distraction

9:39 AM

"Finals Week" at FIDM is not just one week. I have two weeks worth of finals, one week of physical projects and presentations and one week of written tests and assignments. I have shut down all other forms of life that don't have to do with a grade until......I got tagged. Twice! Two of my favorite women and mentors in the Bloggosphere thought enough of me to tag me; Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing, and Luckie Daniels of AndSpeakingofPink.

So here are the rules:

7 Things About Me you didn't already know
Tag 7 people to follow

I am going to do two of them so you will get 14! One will be posted here and the other at ASOP.

  1. I wish I could be just like Beyonce when it comes to talking about relationships. When I like a guy the whole world knows!

  2. I miss taking ballet classes

  3. I've been entertaining the idea of hiring an assistant

  4. I want to work for the national office of my sorority sometime around the age of 40

  5. I want to dabble in Product Placement for emerging artists and get them in big movies such as Devil Wears Prada or Sex and the City, or shows like Lipstick Jungle or Ugly Betty.

  6. I think my self-esteem resides in my hair. I went natural back in 2007 and am on a mission to grow my hair healthy and long (or a really big big b i g fro).

  7. I want 7 ladybugs tattooed on me at some point, but I'm trying to figure out exactly where so that they remain discreet in the corporate world. I already have two...5 more to go

People I'm tagging:

  1. Elbe -

  2. DV-Inside DV

  3. Jill - Trend de la Creme

  4. Hannah - Fashion-O-Lic

  5. Pretty Girl - Black Pearls

  6. Mandy - Fashion Love & Martinis

  7. Laced Magazine


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