Continuing Education

12:17 PM

I have just completed my first quarter at FIDM and learned so much about myself. In my first draft of this post I listed everything, but for the sake of time I have shortened the list and divided them into three parts: Strengths, Weaknesses and Observations

Strengths: Delegating. I really liked being the team leader and assigning project parts according to their strengths and talents.
Weakness: If it’s not done to my standards I will do it myself.

Weakness: Details. I want the basic facts and I don’t read through the whole syllabus.
Observation: I will be able to pick out a great assistant.
Strength: I can see the big picture. Also now that I know I can put that into application next quarter.

Observation: I am the new Elle Woods. But in reverse. Elle at Harvard is me at FIDM. In business school I was the creative one, in fashion school I am all business - who knew!

I am dealing with a whole different skill set at FIDM. I am consistently being taken out of my element and I need to work on my recovery time. I let some things fall to the way side and I am using this vacation time to pick things back up and take a look at my life and time management from the outside. I really thought that I would be taking business classes only – using my head, not my hands. To be effective in the fashion industry you have to know how to use both, well.

Good luck Travelers and I will see you next quarter!

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