Know Your Industry Pt.2 The Business of it all

1:05 PM

Happy Monday Travelers! Over the weekend I came across this article via the Business of Fashion originally posted at Retail Week. The article touches on how more Fashion Design students are seeking out formal education of the business side of the industry to make themselves better prepared for the market and more competitive against their classmates.

A heavy promotion for the English program Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden, students of this program are mentored by industry professionals in the ways of launching a successful line to the market.

For those of you on this side of the pond I would recommend FIDM's International Manufacturing and Product Development* (IMPD) program or the Bachelors of Science in Business Management*. I am a very biased fan of our Merchandise Product Development major because I do feel as if it and the Apparel Manufacturing Management major give both the creative as well as the business sides of the industry. I both sew and create 6-Month Financial Plans for major retailers.

I kinda equate it to being your own mechanic, (you have no idea how bad I wish I could change my own brakes!). Our business must be a well oiled machine and for it to run properly everything must be in order. Unfortunately it is so hard to find a good mechanic especially when you are new to a destination or area. Knowing how to do it yourself saves time and money. It can also keep you from being cheated by those that don't have your best interest at heart.

No matter where you are on your Freeway it's a good idea to become familiar with the business of the fashion industry. Be the mechanic of your own career vehicle!

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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