2:34 PM

Lately I have been feeling like I have been neglecting my blog. I get writers block every time I go to post. I will have an idea and have no idea how to post it. Worried that I will not be consistent with my message, and that what I am trying to get across will remain unclear. What I once called my "baby" is turning into my burden.

At what point did I make my own blogging experience difficult? This is my space to grow and perfect my craft, and reach others on their Fashion Freeway; so, how did I complicate these things?

Since coming to LA and FIDM I learn new things about myself everyday. For example; free reign. I just don't do well without boundaries; clear cut boundaries. Within those boundaries I can add my own creativity, but free reign...not one bit.

In writing: choose your topic
In class: choose your own fabric and create! (more like identify)

My blog gives me free reign. Hmmmmm...I really appreciate the lessons about myself I have learned here in LA because now I can correct them. I can push past it and make myself that much better.

What part of your life have you been neglecting? Is it due to fear, lack of time, or some other unmentioned paralyzer?

I say look it straight in the "eye" and have "No Fear, Just DIVA"

Happy Travels!

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