Roadside Assitance

3:05 PM

I want to take the time to thank Luckie Daniels who has been so supportive of my Freeway. After reading my FIDM Fund post she wrote a post of her own titled No Laughing Matter that brings light to more than just my financial situation, but that of women across the country.

This economy is taking a toll on millions of us in a very personal way and has caused us to take some very drastic steps to make ends meet, or in my case make a tuition payment.

In her post Luckie questions the cost of a dream; such a valid question none of us can answer.

I was sharing with her that my situation at FIDM is not uncommon. There are so many students who are paying their own way through school with little to no loans. I know so many of my former classmates who have had to sit out a quarter with "hopes" of returning. Financially there just is no guarantee.

I remember during my Undergrad years at Otterbein College and when a student would say they were going to take some time off to try to "get their money situation together," we expected them not to return. And most of them did not. I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows students like this.

But this situation is not just limited to students. How many businesses, inventions, etc. have been put on hold because of our current financial states? How many of us have waited until the bottom dropped to bring light to our situation (myself included)?

I don't have an answer for this. If I did the FIDM Fund would not be necessary. But I can say don't let your dream have a price! Refuse to allow this ($) to stop you from being something great! Take a leap of faith, start on your Freeway no matter where your road may lead and believe that you have the Roadside Assistance to make it to your Point B!

That is what this blog is about, being fearless on your Freeway, no matter the destination. But as I grow and learn, I want my fellow Travelers to do so as well. So here are two resources that I am hoping will help just a little:

Wells Fargo, Hands on Banking Program - this program takes about an hour or so to complete and has 4 sections: Kids (for parents to do with their children), Young Adults, Adults, and Teens

Campus Progress, Debt Hits Hard Campaign- the Debt Hits Hard campaign was created to bring awareness to the rise in debt amongst young people and bring these issues to Congress as well as local government representatives. Click the link to read more about it, and watch the video below for entertaining, yet home hitting facts. (I am the girl in the apron!).

Happy, and Fiscally responsible, Travels!!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear Just DIVA!" (source)

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