Act as if it Were and Watch it Manifest

9:50 AM

Almost 3 years ago I wrote this post: Imagine That It's very interesting to see my perspective before graduating and now in this cross roads in my career the same principle still applies. Who knew!!

I can see that in 2009 there was a level of optimism that I feel like I have lost, but I also see the difference of the situations that make this post and the principle still applicable and much needed.

-I was part of a larger vision
-I was trusted with the execution of said vision
-There was partnership and open communication, even with differing opinions

-I have made best efforts to be a part of a vision that has been ripped from me at every mistake
-I did not see my own vision within the whole picture, I became lost in the need to just survive and not thrive

I don't talk about (spiritual) faith here on this blog and it is not my goal to start, but today it is relevant to this post. I am a Christian woman and in listening to a sermon about stepping out on faith and believing first and God showing us second it made me think of this scene from the movie Hook:

This was so powerful to me! In my "Imagine That" post the tone was Think-->Imagine-->Go, but here it's more like the title of this post Act as if it Were and Watch it Manifest. Dig your fork in the plate of your career and watch the meat of your success appear in your mouth. Create it while moving like it already exists. Take the risks, write the emails, make the calls, do it anyway, and don't wait to do it.

That is what I am doing, for too long I waited on someone else to create the door of opportunity for me to walk through, but I am about to take some risks that create my own doors, mostly in the area of education, I might succeed I might fail, but there is a vision and I am a part of it's execution, I am trusted with my ability to execute, and that is all that matters. (check that run on sentence)

Happy Travels (and Risks Taken)

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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