Driving School

10:36 AM

I finally made it! I took three days but I am here in Los Angeles and am ready to start my career. One of my decisions was to fly or drive and we chose to drive. It took three days but we made it! We stopped at a Motel 6 or Super 8 between days and let me just say that the Rocky Mountains are beautiful but I will not be driving through them again anytime soon . But here are some of the things that I learned on the trip:

  1. Follow the Detour
  2. Colorado Exit 119 - No Name
  3. Connectors
Follow the Detour

There isn't anyone here in the United States that is not familiar with or affected by Hurricane Ike. The whole midwest was either flooded or lost power and that included Indiana, part of Illinois, and southern Iowa; right in the middle of our driving route.

In Indiana I-80 West was closed for miles and we were to follow the detour that was set by the city. Instead of following the detour and my GPS system we decided to go our own way and try what was best. What we thought was best ended up in a three hour delay in our travel.

Lesson: Follow the Detour, when you try to go your own way you get lost and off track. But when you follow the detoure even if it doesn't look right it gets you to exactly where you need to be a lot faster than you would have gotten yourself.

No Name Exit

I was driving through the Rocky's so I couldn't get a picture of this exit but it's there. At first I was frustrated with this I kept thinking "How is anyone supposed to know where I am if it's No Name?! An exit needs a name!" But does it? Does it really need a name if it serves it's purpose of allowing the traveler to regroup? Besides it was in the middle of the mountians with no residential area so it's not like you could live there, at one point you have to keep moving along your journey.

Lesson: When you need to regroup it's okay to exit at No Name just as long as you don't try to live there.


I had a very long talk with a friend who moved out on the west coast a little over a year ago, and she was saying to me how surprised she was at how when you are in a new place you find yourself contacting people that you would have otherwise never spoken to such as third cousins, relatives of friends, and other pseudo strangers.

Lesson: We already know that life is not a straight line and that connectors can get us to where we need to be. Stay open to those who may do just that.

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