Route Redirected

10:43 AM

Just recently I shared with you a Minute Motivation about changing directions but still getting to your Point B. Recently I bought a GPS system for my car so that when I get to LA I am not lost. Well I have found that I have special powers and can manage to get lost even with a GPS system. But it has this cool feature that when I am going in the wrong direction not following it's instructions it will redirect my route. The system uses the streets and the area around me to still get me to where I need to go. It may take a little longer but I still make it to where I need to be, and miraculously on time! 

Sometimes while riding along our freeway we get distracted and stop listening to where our career GPS systems are trying to tell us and we go in the wrong direction but life has a way of using the environment around us to "redirect" our lives so that we end up at the correct Point B. This can be in the form of: 
  • A degree that is in a field for which you have no passion, but you have established a much needed work ethic and a higher level of education that will still make you that much more marketable
  • A job that you consider "dead-end" but you have gotten what you don't want to do out of the way which will help you focus on what you DO want to do to build a career. 
  • Bad credit due to various reasons, but that slows you down to find alternative and creative ways of getting things done and paying for the big things in your life.
  • A child, the best motivator to redirect and give that child a better life
  • Getting Fired. Depending on the reason of dismissal, this could help push you to start that dream company or go back to school, or whatever it is that was in the back of your head while you were with your previous employer. And if there was no idea in the back of your head then this forces you to get inside yourself and create one! 
I hope this helps to push you along sometimes we feel like we are too far gone and way off track to get back to our freeways but I say just sit back and let life's GPS system take over. Route Redirected! 

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