Second by Bonnie Fuller

2:04 PM

Or is it Seconded? While waiting for classes and employment to start I have been catching up on some emails and reading. My current book of choice The Joys of Much too Much by Bonnie Fuller, editorial director of American Media.

The book so far is really telling about her Fashion Freeway and I am loving it, but what I love even more is when someone who has made it to the top of the fashion industry totally agrees with something I wrote in my blog.

In chapter 2 Embrace Your Inner Canadian, there is a section titled "Keep Your Options Open at All Times and Don't Give Up Forging Connections".

Bonnie talks about how she was ready for another challenge and began contacting other Editors-in-Chief like herself to see if they knew of available opportunities in the industry. She ends the section by saying:

"It was when I started connecting with some of my peers that things started to click for me. I was viewing them as future colleagues rather than as holders of the key to the magic kingdom. "

Other notable quotables that I love and have applied to my life:

"Under no circumstances, face the facts" - this is so true. Right now my facts say that I am in no way going to make it at FIDM with no job and little financial aid, but....if I faced the facts I would be a very real stereotype in Ohio right now.

"By now you've turned your inner fear into your most potent weapon. You're afraid not to succeed, so you keep trying until you do." - enough said.

So far this book is a great read and I will keep you updated on any other notable quotables. Also look out for posts on my job and school situation, as well as how broadening your horizons helps your Freeway. Happy Travels!

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