Warning: Things Appear Worse Than They Are

11:33 AM

I know post have been pretty scarce lately and that has everything to do with the fact that I am working on getting things together for school. I am less than 5 days away from moving across country to California in a situation that looks what most would call impossible. 

My life is a totally Construction Zone and the blog will be looking the same as well. The focus will still be the same it's all about getting from Point A to Point B in our fashion careers but until I get settled the posts may be less frequent. I am going to shoot for two posts a week. Also when I first created the mantra No Fear, Just DIVA, the "A" stood for Apparel but now I would like to change it to Affirmation because more and more I have saying affirmations to myself while trying to put some order to my journey. So here is where I stand: 

  • Still owe 12,756 dollars to FIDM
  • Connected with temp agencies to get some work out in LA
  • Hostel bound for a place to stay until I can afford otherwise
I am up against this but if I can make it through it that will make my Point B all the more worthwhile and I hope motivate you to get out there and start your journey no matter what obstacles may be in your way. 

One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA 

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