Fuel Your Fashion Freeway

10:08 AM

Hello Readers!

I have been very busy since I touched down from South Korea and my main goal is making my Point B a reality.

This week my aunt let me borrow her book "It Only Takes a Minute to Change Your Life" by Wille Jolley (remember "A Jolley Good Strategy"). In this book Jolley provides Motivational Minutes that only take but a minute to read but really keep you pushing along your journey. I want to share some with you at least one a week because sometimes our freeways can seem to be a lot harder to travel when we loose motivation.

California or Bust

What is the essential ingredient that can propel a person to success? What is the special key that can unlock untold doors? What is the tool that can help mold your future? Well, it's simple yet greatly misused and misunderstood. It is a goal. A goal is a dream with at time frame attached to it. Goals are stepping stones to reach our dreams. If we can concentrate on goals, learn how to set them and how to reach them, we can reach exceptional heights. The pioneers during the Gold Rush had the goal of reaching California. They had a saying: "California or Bust!" They had a dream, set a time to achieve it, and then do it. This is one of my favorite sayings: "It is the carrot in front of the horse's face that makes it want to run the race!" Run fast and run hard and enjoy the rewards that are set in front of your face!

Happy Travels!

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