Traffic Jam: Know It All

4:01 PM

It’s the beginning of the quarter, new students are rolling in, and so are the questions. the one that struck close to home is “Do I need to know all the new designers that are out there?” (paraphrase) my answer “No”

I recently went through a similar self inflicted traffic jam when it came to branding blogs. I needed to know who was the industry expert, who’s blog should I read, what do I bookmark and then going through the archives to read every post tagged under “logos”. And of course I feel inadequate when a fashion blog that I never heard of is mentioned as one of the most influential in the blogosphere.

So how does a girl keep up with it all?
She doesn’t.

My advise to anyone who thinks they have to be a know it all in the Industry is to first realize that you don’t. It’s more important to have a clear idea of your point B and what vehicle you want to use to get there. Information overload can take away the enjoyment of discovery along your Freeway.

Know what you love and what you enjoy then happily endulge yourself with that, not on what you think you should know. From there add and subtract at your will. There are blogs, designers, other random sources of media and information that I no longer follow due to the fact that they no longer fuel my Freeway. But the ones that have taken their place give me exactly what I need.

Being a FIDM student can be stressful enough in itself, don’t add to it by taking the fun out of the journey. Remember “Happy Travels”. Now go, clear the road and enjoy the ride!

One step forward, just glance back. No Fear, Just DIVA!

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