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5:09 PM

Travelers, it's been a hard, hard week and my Freeway is out of fuel. More than once my character has come into question as well as my integrity and I am tired. No matter the content I always want my blog to motivate and inspire, so before I take a much needed internal retreat I will leave you with this:

When a company's product is recalled there is overhall to regain that brand's integrity. There is a public apology, and a whole lot of PR to repair the damage, and restructure brand image. Look at how these peanut butter companies banded together to face the issue as an industry.

However, as individuals we don't have a marketing or PR team, we just have ourselves. We are a consistent work in progress and sometimes the one "product" that we have been working on all our lives can be recalled by subjective opinion, misinterpretation, or question of intent. For me that is Authority; how I respond to it and handle myself when I'm in the position of it.

In my attempts to speak slowly clearly and concisely, my tone is mistaken as condescending. My attempts to remain emotionless and impartial, thought superior. My words taken out of context and heightened. Am I always blameless? No. I know that this has been my on going self-improvement task and I am publicly writing about it because there are many people reading this blog whose opinion I trust and appreciate.

Is it embarrassing? Yes, but my journey is not just my own and there will be times when you second guess yourself and beat yourself up for things that put your character into question. I understand. Read this post and know you are not alone. I am working on it and I know that you are too.

So thank you in advance for your patience as I take this time to review the events of this past week and really take some time to restructure my personal brand and fuel my Freeway.

Happy Travels,

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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