30 With a Purpose

12:49 PM

On ASOP there are two thought provoking posts; Five Years From Today, and Choose Your Mission, and I chose to post my response here.

I remember my final year at Otterbein I took a supplementary class where I had to plan out my life for the next ten years. It has been three of those ten and needless to say my life looks nothing like originally planned.

While living in South Korea I had a lot of time to think about what I was doing with my life and where I want it to go.

I am 25, in 5 years I will be 30. 30, a milestone age, especially for women. So where do I see myself by this time?

• Working in the fashion industry in a capacity that allows me to exercise my business and fashion degrees, and interest in branding.
• Playing an active and consistent role in my organization
• Freelancing for niche fashion mags such as 944, or Trace Magazine
• A home owner- even if it’s a condo
• Working on my non profit

My Purpose: To encourage minority women between the ages of 15-21 to travel internationally. To inform them that their world is bigger than their neighborhood. To affirm that no dream is impossible if they are willing to put forth the effort to achieve it.

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