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With the growth of my blog I have been exposed to a lot of social networks, some of which I have joined in order to network with industry professionals as well as grow and strengthen my personal brand; the others are strictly personal. But the problem is knowing when to make which what. What?? Exactly so here is my break down:

Business, Brands, and Blogs

Networks such as the Fashion Industry Network and Independent Fashion Bloggers are tools that I use specifically for my blog and growing the No Fear, Just DIVA brand.

FIN allows its members to set up a personal page with their contact information, website, and photos of their work. Through this site I meet all sorts of people from jewelery makers to PR professionals and I restrict my conversations to my blog and desired career moves. Click here to read my interview with the networks creator Michael.

IFB is one of the best network for bloggers, I love the articles! They keep me fresh and in constant review of how I am branding myself and my blog. One of my favorite articles is Branding Basics for Your Lovely Blog I have read it like three times! There are rules to joining, but it's totally worth it, guest blogging and the Weekly Round Up are great ways to get your brand out to a wider audience.

Private and Personal

Facebook, oh Facebook. We all have one, and with all the new groups, contests, and fan pages it's very likely that one can use this for both private and professional use. This is my personal space. Period. Every once in while I will make a connection with a possible business contact, this is when the Limited Profile function is necessary, or I steer them away from my page altogether. But just a note, you can send a message without making someone your friend on FB. Make a decision, or just a second page.


Now this is where I got caught in the middle. I'm new to twitter and the longer I am on there the more I am learning about how to use it to attract the right "followers" to help me build my brand. I just recently added my blog to and am hoping that will broaden my audience. Here are two great articles that are helping me better use this site:
  • How Twitter Can Make You a Better (and Happier) Person, Penned by Zappos CEO Tony H., this article made me rethink what exactly I was doing on the site and how to better Tweet according to my personal branding goals.
  • How Twitter Can Help at Work, New York Times article that gives tips on issues like handling customer service and sharing ideas via Tweets and direct message. The best piece of advice from this article: "Ignore the 'What are you doing?' prompt" Trust me that can go from professional to TMI in a heartbeat!
And while we're ignoring, ignore the word "friend" and replace it with the title that you would like to see this person in your life ie "Contact" "Future Reference" or "Future Employer". Think about how you want to be perceived by these contacts and keep your image consistent. There are times when I want to rag on The Game, or comment on the necessity of immersing yourself in the lives of your target market to better improve your product development plan (whew!), two different audience's, one Twitter account. So what do I do? Direct Message. I tweet about Product Development, and DM about the shows I like to watch. Only time will tell how effective that is, I will keep you posted...better yet follow me on Twitter and find out for yourself!

Alright Travelers, it's getting pretty late and this is getting pretty long. Once again thank you for your support and it's great to be back!

One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!
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