Paying for the Unpaid (Internships)

12:01 PM

Yesterday on Twitter I came across this article in the New York Times originally tweeted by Urban Interns. The article discusses how students, more like their parents, are paying very large amounts of money for consideration of an internship for "a more competitive entry level resume". Many are hiring services used to search and land coveted unpaid positions.

Two of the top companies listed were and University of Dreams, the latter of which I had actually considered applying to myself after reading about it in an interview with a fashion PR intern on PR Couture.

When I first read the article I was really frustrated and felt it to be profusely inaccurate thinking that one does not need rich parents to help them land a seat on the front of the bus, but a true sense of Purpose and a clear vision of their Point B. I truly believe that motivation and proper networking can get you most anywhere for almost free. I say almost cause I had to pay for my business cards.

I don't know about you travelers but I don't have rich parents who have frat brothers in high places (well not in the fashion industry --that I know of anyway). All the connections all the breaks all the internships that I have experienced while here at FIDM has everything to do with me not being afraid to say what I want and meeting the people who can help get me there. Screw a big bank account just open your mouth and make sure your butt can cash that verbal check!

However there is one thing I will agree with in that article and that is somehow (due to the dirty E word) an unpaid internship has become the new post grad position. This is my reality and I am trying to find monetary ways around it. I'm currently weighing my options and though I'm not ready to reveal them just yet I will say that what I am learning at my internship is immeasurable and I'm sure the same as an entry level, except without pay.

I don't know Travelers the dirty E has us rethinking how we do graduation and if you are financing your own Freeway then I say No Fear, Just DIVA to ya! Just go for it. You're already broke what do you have to lose?

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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