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12:09 PM

It is naive to believe that we learn all there is to know about our respective industries through school alone, but it is in networking and first-hand experience (and a little help from Google). As you know it's Market Week here in Los Angeles and I kept seeing people walking around with these red bags with the initials ENK on them. I kept wondering "What store is that?" Turns out it's the parent company of trade shows Brighte Compnanies here in LA and Coterie in New York. Check them out here. Then in a few weeks will be MAGIC and Project both in Las Vegas simultaneously.

I'm still learning the difference between the two shows and why exactly my teachers make a bigger deal out of one than the other but the point is I'm learning. We have all heard the phrase "If you walk the walk you gotta talk the talk" well in this industry if you're gonna catwalk you gotta trade talk.

I have been trying to figure out how to get to MAGIC this season with my internship since it's unpaid (literally) but I really want to go and it's such a great learning experience. I hear that there are better shows out there, Coterie in NY for example, but the truth of the matter is Travelers I don't care. I want to make it a point to go to as many as I can whether they suck or not. Let my eye be trained and instincts enhanced through experiencing the good and the bad. The tacky and the chic.

So many times we allow someone else's poor experience deter us from trying something on our own. Have you ever heard someone say "Well so and so told me that it's not even worth it so I'm not gonna even go. I mean...(insert random excuse here)." Now we're not talking about the new Harry Potter movie, we are talking about something that can help make you better versed in your industry and better equipped to be competitive amongst your classmates. I mean hello! Did you not just read yesterday's post?

Travelers I urge you today as you ride along your Freeway learn how to be a better driver. Remember there is no one right way to build your career in this industry, but there is a wrong one and that is letting others dictate your route keeping you in the dark about where you are headed. Learn for yourself and get to know this industry inside out! Click these links, read the "About" section, ask your employers, teachers, mentors, internships how these shows affect their business especially now with buyers being so tight in the pocket. Trust me they will be impressed and if you don't know ASK! No one will ever look down on your for wanting to know more about the industry in which you are building your career. Go For It!

Happy Travels!

"One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA!"

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