Freeway Finders Defined

5:47 PM

As my Welcome message suggests I view my journey towards a career in the Fashion Industry as a Fashion Freeway. So it's only natural that I would have labels that reflect a road trip of sorts. So here are some of my "Freeway Finder" labels defined for easier navigation.

Freeway Finder = the Labels themselves, we all have a different ways of getting to our Fashion Career Point B, so these are here to help you find your freeway.

About = Explains different sections of the blog in detail

Road Maps = Sites, People, Books, Articles that may give me incite as how to get started on my journey

Rear View
= As I start to make noticeable progress towards my career this section will allow me to look back and recap what happened to get there. "One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA"

Traveling Music = Sometimes I use music as my inspiration to get some things done and this is where I will post songs/videos.

Articles = Different from Road Maps, these are just interesting articles that I think are note worthy about the Industry. Not necessarily career specific.

Imports = Things that I have written in other places that I feel holds relevance here so I will post it. Imports will always be my works, not that of others.

My Freeway = This section is specific to my journey. I want to make my blog as universal as possible when it comes to Road Maps and Articles, but this blog is about my journey and how I will get/am getting/got to my Point B.

Connectors = The indirect path that still gets you to your Point B

Construction Zone = Tearing Down, Building Up, Starting from Scratch, Making what looks like nothing into something amazing

Note* Updates to this post will be made as necessary

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